Netto logo


The most affordable supermarket in Denmark

Bilka logo


Features a wide selection of goods, from groceries and electronics to home and leisure products, emphasising convenience and value.

Kvickly logo


A Danish supermarket chain offering a broad range of groceries, daily essentials, and home products online.

Coop logo


A supermarket chain providing a variety of grocery items with a focus on affordability and quality.

Føtex logo


Online shopping destination offering a wide range of products for home and leisure. The site focuses on making shopping easier and more enjoyable, emphasizing good, healthy, and conscious choices

Rema1000 logo


Offers a range of groceries, including fresh produce and budget-friendly items, plus eco-friendly options and weekly deals, catering to diverse shopping preferences.

Nemlig logo

Nemlig is a popular online grocery store in Denmark, known for its wide range of products and convenient home delivery services.

Meny logo

Meny is a Danish supermarket known for a wide range of quality groceries and everyday items, with a focus on fresh produce and good value.

Spar logo


Supermarket chain, offering a variety of groceries and daily essentials with a focus on community and convenience.

Motatos logo


Online marketplace offering discounted food and household items, focusing on preventing waste and offering sustainable shopping options.